Bodleian Library, MS. Huntington 200

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MS. Huntington 200

Bodleian Library (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Manuscript Book

Paper codex of a commentary on TB Baba Batra

Codicological Definition


Vertical rectangle

Single manuscript

Content Description

Talmud Commentary

  • Hebrew
  • Aramaic

R. Gershom Meor ha-Golah (identified by I. Ta-Shma) but contains additions by later authors

c. 960-1040 Metz and Mainz

פירושא דבבא בתרא

Commentary on Baba Batra

Thursday 18 Shvat 1590 Seleucids

2 February (Julian) 1279

The scribe made a mistake in writing the date in the colophon and corrected it, with the result that the last letter is unclear, it could be read as a tsade or a tet. The reading tsade is preferred because 18 Shvat fell on a Thursday in 1279.

Egypt or Syria

Based on palaeography

fol. 226r

איסתיים הדין פירושא דבבא בתרא בחמשה בשבה דהוא
תמנת עשר יומי בירח שבט דהיא שנת אתקץ לשטרות
וכתב יתיה עזרא בן נתנאל
לנפשיה סימן טוב עליו ועל

כלל עמו ישראל

Scribe: Ezra ben Nathanael

  • Primitive critical apparatus: Collation with another manuscript
  • Marginal glosses: They include corrections and collations
  • Interlineations: corrections and collations

Physical Description

245 mm

165 mm

195-200 mm




The first folio of the manuscrit (fol. 2) was damaged, and the beginning of the text was restored by a clumsy hand and different ink.


  • Brown (iron-gall)
  • Black (carbon based)

1 V (2-11), 2 V–1 (12-20) 3 V (21-30) 4 III (31-36) 5 VI (37-48) 6 III–1 (49-53) 7 V (54-63) 8 V–1 (64-72) 9 - 24 V (73-226)

  • Catchwords at the end of quires, position: in some quires
  • Catchwords at the end of folios, position
  • Signatures at the beginning of quires, position: In the upper inner corner of the first folio of the quire by Hebrew letters with one or three dots above

The folios in the first part of quires


Grid of single vertical and horizontal lines




Non-Square (beinoni)





Hand #1 of Item "MS. Huntington 200"
- Type: Main text scribe
- Observations:

טקסט טקסט

test test


  • Marginal
  • Interlinear
  • Signes-de-renvoi

Manuscript History

Acquired in Aleppo by Robert Huntington in the 1680s


A. Epstein, “Der Gerschom Meor ha-Golah zugeschriebene Talmud-Kommentar”, in Festschrift zum achtzigsten geburtstage Moritz Steinschneider's, Harrassowitz, Leipzig, 1896, pp. 115-143.

 I. Ta-Shma, “On the commentary of Rabbenu Gershom Meor ha-Golah to the Talmud” (Hebrew), Kiryat Sefer 53 (1978), pp. 356-367.

Y. M. Dubovick, « Fragments from the Commentary on Baba Batra, attributed to Rabbenu Gershom Meor ha-Golah” (Hebrew), Yeshurun 32 (2015), pp. 15-29.

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